Jacob Barnitz Family Bible

This website provides a pictorial tour of the Jacob Barnitz family bible. Within the book are memetos passed down through generations. The publish date on the bible is 1791.

Jacob Barnitz was born in York, Pennsylvania on April 6th, 1758. He served in the United States military as an officer in the Revolutionary War. He was injured in the battle of Fort Washington and subsequently lost both of his legs as a result of the injuries. After the War, he was the Prothonotary, Recorder and Register of Deeds for York County1.

Jacob’s grandfather was John Leonard Barnitz who was born in Falkenstein, Germany in 1677 and believed to be the first Barnitz in the Americas (1733 or earlier)1. He was a brewer by trade and established one of the earliest commercial breweries in the Americas2.

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1 From the book “The Barnitz Family”, © 1961 by Robert M. Torrence.
2 More information about the Barnitz Breweries can be found here.